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Art is the ability to feel with one’s eyes.


This piece of wisdom could be used as a basis for the work of Sylt artist Ute Hillenbrand.

Born and raised in the German city of Dortmund, her penchant for representing and expressing feelings and impressions pictorially through her very own style of painting already revealed itself at an early age.


Thus, after graduating in "visual communication", she worked with various renowned agencies, in which in particular the strong expression of her work, the lifelike representation of everyday objects and the plastic visualisation of two-dimensional representations led to successful large campaigns.  


Today, the artist often describes this period in her life as a developmental process - a search for techniques to represent everyday objects perfectly but above all very emotionally. Her work today bears witness to the fact that this process was extremely successful. With a technique developed and constantly refined over the course of years, she meanwhile creates works on canvas, steel and aluminium, which captivate the viewer. Thanks to the synthesis of unusual colour combinations and a special glaze developed by her, the works appear so fresh and vivid to the viewer, that one gets the impression that one could seemingly touch, feel, smell and remove the objects from the background; a technique that can probably be described as unique in its perfection.


Today, she lives on the picturesque North Sea island of Sylt. In addition to what are among the finest works of pop art, the island’s tranquillity, vivid colours and powerful light effects inspire Ute Hillenbrand time and again to paint images and scenes of the island in her own extraordinary style.


She meanwhile enjoys an international reputation in the scene. Besides nationwide exhibitions, her works can be found in galleries in Los Angeles, Zurich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Salzburg and many other cities.