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Ute Hillenbrand


„It was always there“… replies Ute Hillenbrand in response to the question as to when her talent and artistic uniqueness appeared for the first time.


For a long time, she contributed her creativity to large international projects, in which the extraordinary, prominent representations of objects played a decisive role in the success. However, she has now been dedicating herselfexclusively to her passion and her ideas for many years and is meanwhile devoted entirely to art.

Today, the artist belongs to the acclaimed international art scene. International art openings, commissioned work from many countries and time and again the discovery of the "new" are meanwhile part of Hillenbrand’s life and it seems as though she draws from an inexhaustible pool of fantasies.


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VW Bulli

Summer 2015


For a couple of weeks Ute Hillenbrand worked on a painting which measures 160“ x 120“ and with acrylic colour she let a huge golfplayer arise on the canvas – a commission work for an art lover from Berlin!


Bild Ciao Bella





VW Bulli

June 2015


By watching at these pieces you'll feel like summer, sun, beach … just like holidays. Maybe on Sylt? Come along at the studio and get inspired by these awesome artwork!


Bild Ciao Bella





December 2014 / January 2015


This winterseason Ute Hillenbrand's artwork is again a highlight in Kampen. This time you find her exhibition at Braderuper Weg 1 (Kampner Hoefe) – come along and get inspired by the brilliant colours!

The exhibition is open every day from Dec 26 – Jan 6 from 11 am to 6 pm.






Summer 2014


Suitable to the summer time Ute Hillenbrand is presenting her latest works in Kampen. Absolutely fresh and high glossy two cherries and a strawberry gleam in bright summery colors on stainless steel. An unusual and spectacular interpretation of fruit in a very modern way.









Juni 2014


In the artist's studio fairy tales come true. The Frog Prince has been created with a lot of bling bling and glamour. Worked with oil pastels on aluminium, equipped with hundreds of Swarovski crystals, different glazes and gold plating, this commission is the absolute glittering highlight in the heart of this year's arts.










Mai 2014


At the end of May Ute Hillenbrand started her action “Harley to hang” at the meeting of hundreds of Harley Bikers on the Island of Sylt. The bikers got the opportunity to have their dreams created artistically on canvas or stainless steels….”Harley to hang”; with stunning success!


In connection with the Harley Shop Westerland, Ute Hillenbrand will also be represented in early September at the European Bike Week in Faak.




Link zu Zimmermann & Heitmann

Spring 2014

The Sound of Sea …


A very special piece of fine arts left the studio for Osnabrück. The choice of the right motiv and the workmanship hold the artist in her hands and with the 150 x 150 cm large artwork made of oilpastels on stainless steel, she succeeded in setting a remarkable focus. On closer inspection some Swarovski Cristals are twinkeling to show awesome lightreflections in the breakwater.




Link zu Zimmermann & Heitmann

December 2013 / January 2014

This Holidayseason Ute Hillenbrand shows her newest artwork in the heart of Kampen on Sylt, right between the Pony Club and Leysieffer at "Haus Bösch" (Strönwai 8). It is open every day from Dec 12 – Jan 6 from 11 am – 6 pm.




Eastern 2012

Just at the beginning of the spring season, Ute Hillenbrand presents new paintings with a special glossy surface.


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September 2011

Ocean … Perls


Exclusive and noble art opening in the production hall of Dittmeyer 's Austern-Compagnie.
Ute Hillenbrand presents in cooperation with Susanna Dünne, the known Kampener goldsmith, their works about pearls, sea and Sylt.




December 2010


Art opening in Los Angeles


At the invitation of renowned artist Natalie Gray, who runs a gallery in Los Angeles, Ute Hillenbrand is now finally braving a jump across “the big pond” to present her work from December 16, 2010 to January 9, 2011 in The Happening Gallery, Marina del Rey, Los Angeles.

The art opening is on December 18 at 6:00 pm.






August 2010


The 2010 Annual Chocolate Bar …


… from the Sylt Lion’s Club has not only been refined this year with 22 karat gold but also with a work by Ute Hillenbrand. After two of the artist’s motifs were short-listed, the Kampen lighthouse tower image was selected. It shows the “Langer Christian” as the lighthouse is affectionately known, a familiar landmark on the island of Sylt.


July 2010


Art & Cooking – Sylt’s Ultimate Pop Art Menu


Under the motto of “Art & Cooking – Sylt’s Ultimate Pop Art Menu” chefs from Sylt’s top restaurants composed together a four-course menu, the individual courses of which are accompanied by comments from Ute Hillenbrand in her daring, unorthodox manner and her signature garish colors.

Starter EntrèeMain Course Dessert

Manne Pahl Amici Jens’ns Tafelfreuden Sanders

May 2010


10,000 euros for a roofed wicker beach chair!


On May 3, 2010 this year’s charity dinner to benefit the “Roter Keil” network was held in the team hotel of legendary German football club Borussia Dortmund (BVB). At the event BVB players Sebastian Kehl and Roman Weidenfeller, acting as angels of mercy for this network against child prostitution, traded in their jerseys for cooking aprons.
One of the best moments of the evening was the auction emceed by legendary sports journalist, Werner Hansch. The highlight of this auction was a one-of-a-kind roofed wicker beach chair made available to “Roter Keil” by the special Buxtehude manufacturer “Strandkorb Manufaktur” and Ute Hillenbrand, who created the textile design. The beach chair ultimately came under the hammer for far more than 10,000 euros.




April 2010


Ute Hillenbrand’s latest work on stainless steel brought glitter and glamour to the wall: Over 600 Swarovski crystals adorn the American flag. Other images with these high quality crystals – particularly Sylt-themed motifs – are already being created.




March 2010


Clothing manufacturer Gaastra decorated the Hamburger Showroom with a special work: The “Voile de Saint Tropez” as a triptych. For several years Gaastra has been the main sponsor of this renowned sailing regatta off the coast of France. German chief Frank Maas is enthusiastic about the image and top Dutch management is also considering another collaboration with Ute Hillenbrand.

February 2010


"If I only had gold and paintings."


This was the motto of a very special grand opening.

Together with Kampen goldsmith Susanna Dünne, Ute Hillenbrand extended invitations for the first time to visit her new atelier in the Tinnum industrial park.

Invited guests were extended an overview of the works of the two artists, who have both long garnered acclaim beyond Germany’s borders.






October 2009


Permanent exhibition in Cologne


In his Altes Gaswerk gallery entrepreneur and art lover Markus Mertens presents the work of German contemporary artists, who have a special and personal significance for him as well.

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October 2009


"Artists for Dalai Lama" in the European Parliament


At the invitation of Tibet Intergroup of the European Parliament artists for the Dalai Lama installed over 50 works by international artists in rooms of the European Parliament from October 20 to 24, 2009. Tibet Intergroup celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and has campaigned since then for peace, freedom and humanity in Tibet.



August 2009


"Artists for Dalai Lama" in New York!


It is at once an honor and a pleasure for United Creators to present a digital version of the Frankfurt “Artists for Dalai Lama” exhibition on two impressively large LED screens in the center of Manhattan, namely in the Times Square Building, former headquarters of the New York Times (43rd Street, Times Square). With their progressive self-image and a deeply rooted conviction United Creators (UC) complements the mission and spiritual intentions of the “Artists for Dalai Lama” initiative.


July / August 2009


Invitation to "Artists for Dalai Lama"


„Artists for Dalai Lama” is the name of an initiative, which supports the man who is currently the most beloved dignitary of the world’s religions: At the visit of His Holiness to Frankfurt 16 committed international artists presented works relating to various topics. Ute Hillenbrand was one of those invited to examine the personality and central message of the Tibetans’ spiritual leader and to commemorate the Dalai Lama’s visit to Frankfurt with an exhibition.